Années de pèlerinage is widely considered as the masterwork and summation of Liszt’s musical style. With playing of great insight and sensitivity, MIRIAM GOMEZ-MORAN reveals the essence of this glorious piano suite.

Friday 28 April 2023, 7.30pm

LISZT: Années de pèlerinage, Book 2, Italy: Sposalizio, Il Penseroso, Canzonetta del Salvator Rosa, Sonetto 47 del Petrarca, Sonetta 104 del Petrarca, Sonetta 123 del Petrarca, Après une lecture du Dante

TICKETS: £15, to include an interval refreshment

Miriam Gómez-Morán has a busy concert schedule in her native Spain and also in Hungary, where she is renowned particularly for her insightful and revelatory performances of the works of Franz Liszt.

Fluent in Hungarian, Miriam’s formative years were spent at the Liszt Academy in Budapest where she studied with Ferenc Rados and Kornél Zempléni. Since then, she has maintained close links in Hungary, where she is highly regarded as a Liszt specialist.

Miriam’s doctoral dissertation is the only complete study ever done of Liszt’s performance practice in his own piano works, based on the testimonies of his pupils. Her playing has been very much influenced by the discoveries she made during her research. As she puts it, “It is almost as if I had the opportunity to be a time traveller and take some lessons directly from Liszt himself.”

Reviewers are particularly glowing about Miriam’s sensitive understanding of Liszt’s works. Alan Walker, the distinguished Liszt biographer, was “deeply impressed … Her performance of the ‘Weinen, Klagen’ Variations was a tour de force, while her rendition of the formidable Vallée d’Obermann was the best I’ve ever heard. It wasn’t just a matter of technique, which she possesses in abundance. You could tell that a true artist was presiding at the keyboard.”

Last year, writing about her “ravishing performance of [Liszt’s] Bénédiction” the music commentator Christopher Axworthy praised her “aristocratic control and sumptuous sound. A sense of balance that allowed the melodic line to sing out so naturally. Here was an artist who had a story to tell of great beauty and poetry where even the pauses between the differing episodes were pregnant with meaning. A sound that had a golden glow and gave great shape and meaning to all she did.”

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